Barn wood wax

Barn wood wax

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Renaissance Wax Polish 

Renaissance Microcrystalline Wax Polish was originally designed for restoration professionals and long term protection of museum exhibits, but its microcrystalline structure, which gives it a very high resistance against moisture and corrosion, its neutral pH which does not damage ancient finishes, along with its amazing versatility on wood, marble, leather, firearms, weapons and armors, statues and monuments, auto body, steel, brass and copper tools, ancient photographs, etc. make it an extremely interesting product for numerous applications. 

Applied in thin coats and rubbed to full lustre, Renaissance Wax is (and remains) glass-clear, with no discoloration either of the wax or the underlying surface. 

On furniture and woodwork, Renaissance wax enhances the wood grain and the finest details. The silk-smooth touch of the matured wax film gives added pleasure, compared to the "drag" of fingers leaving trails across the softer beeswax polishes. 

Renaissance wax will protect existing finishes such as French polish, but it can also be directly applied on sanded, unfinished hardwoods without need of sealers. Stringed instrument makers will also appreciate Renaissance wax when applied to violins, guitars and contrabass, as it will protect their varnish, which is sensitive to natural acidity present on the skin. 

Applied correctly - in thin coats - Renaissance wax is extremely economical in use, so that its initial cost compares very favourably with ordinary commercial waxes.