Black Soap

Black Soap

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Made from olive oil according to the Marseilles tradition, black soap is a solvent free, dye-free, biodegradable and environmentally friendly product. It degreases, makes your surfaces shine, disinfects and nourishes deeply, without leaving any sticky film. Its concentrated formula makes it a very economic product.


(you can increase or reduce the dose, if necessary, to degrease or disinfect)

Cleans – tiles, ceramics, plastic coated surfaces, marble, oiled or varnished wood floors, gypsum (2 tbsp per 5-litre water).

Degreases – cookers, cooktops, hoods, ovens, worktops, sinks, windows, barbecues, fireplace windows. (1-tbsp per 1 litre of water).

Disinfects – toilets, baths, showers, counters, cutting boards, wooden utensils (1 tbsp per 1 litre water).

Stained clothing (use pure and leave a few minutes before washing).

Cleans and maintains leathers (use pure, rub and rinse with a damp cloth of lukewarm water).

Exterior: washes – cars, pets, garden furnitures (1 tbsp per 1 litre water, for pets use pure after first rinsing).

Protects plants – aphids, mealy bugs and red spiders (1-tbsp per 1 litre of water, spray on plants).

Painting and makeshift jobs: cleans and maintains brushes (use pure). Use as a sealer for Tadelakts and for lime plasters or as a pigment dispersing agent in natural paints (follow the instructions on our website).


potash, olive oil, water


0 g / litre